About Me

It's hard to decide what is interesting about me.  To me I'm just another woman trying to figure out how to manage life but I need to write something that gives me some level of credibility.  I need to give you some reason to think that I'm not some crazy woman just scrolling out insane ideas.  (Although on any given day I might be crazy and some of my ideas are insane.)

I am married to the most wonderful man for me!  Brandon and I have been married since 2000.  We are dangerously close to the point in time where we have been together (dating + married) the majority of our lives.  It's a pretty cool place to be.  Somehow we manage to be very similar personalities who actually enjoy spending our work/ family/ recreation (we're not good at allocating time for recreation) time together instead of apart. 

God has given us the gift of three completely unique children. 

Our oldest daughter is typical oldest child (just like both of her parents).  She is black & white, driven, and inquisitive.  Looking at her is like getting a glimpse into the mirror -- sometimes it's a wake up call.  She doesn't see any barriers that she can't conquer and is going to take on the world.

Our second daughter is carefree, artistic, and loving.  We joke that she's the token compassionate member of our family.  She has an acute ability to connect with people and sense their needs.  Serving in Guatemala is where she thrives -- she can see past the outward appearance of people and love them as they are without any effort.  Where she will go I don't know but for sure she will be loving people some where.

Our son is the clown.  It's true that boys really are different.  He has more energy than anyone I've met (unless he missed nap and it's late).  He is somehow always dirty and sweaty but happy.  Still cute, he knows it and tiptoes on the line between sarcastic and ridiculously funny while sporting his trademark grin and scrunched up nose. 

I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2001 with a degree in Agricultural Economics.   After college, my life was going just as I planned.  I worked at Farm Credit as a Commercial Loan Officer, a career that I loved with great people.  After our first daughter arrived though, we knew that I couldn't keep up at Farm Credit while Brandon was running our first Interstate Batteries distributorship.  So, I left my dream job, the one that I knew I wanted even in high school, to work on the farm with my dad where I could have Aubrey with me all day.

Flash forward two years and Caroline had also arrived and life was back to hectic.  It's hard to believe but a 1 year old and a 2 year old don't really like hanging out in a truck or playing at a dusty mill all day.  At the same time we had started construction on a new commercial warehouse for our business and Brandon needed more of my time.  So once again, I left a dream job --  no more field work, just the books for Dad.  Onward to the financial management of the construction project.

That construction project sucked me into our business the whole way.  It's important to note that we had an agreement that I would never work at the battery business.  I was going to have my own career.  Oh how things changed.  Now we own 2 distributorships and are opening our first stand-alone retail store.

All of this swirls around while we grow ever more attached to working in Guatemala.  My first trip there in 2011 changed my life and I can't imagine life without the friends that we've made and opportunities to return.  One of these days maybe we'll get the chance to live our dream and travel to South Sudan also.