Sunday, March 2, 2014

Guatemala March 2014

I am finally organizing our activities for my next trip.  Several people have asked what I need so here is what I think I would like to take along.
  • infant formula, any brand, sample cans are great
  • Dr. Suess books in Spanish (I think Mama Yo is on the job for this) [Received]
  • teenage boys and girls clothes, especially boys
  • sneakers, all sizes
  • instant, polaroid-type camera with lots of extra film [Received]
  • soccer balls, deflated for easier packing with hand pumps
  • small Spanish bibles or tracts, for lesson on love to teenage moms
  • prize size bubbles or similar toys [Received]
  • travel size hygiene items--toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair brushes, combs, soap, etc
If you have a desire to send something else that is not on the list, Please let me know.

Thanks in advance for all of your love, support, and consideration.


  1. I have formula I can give you! I think right now I have 5 or so cans! People have donated them to my classroom and none of my babies use them!! I was going to donate them to the food bank but I will give them to you!!! When do you need this stuff by? Rhonda Uzelac

    1. Thanks Rhonda. That's great. I would like to have everything by March 17th so that I can get everything packed. You can just bring them to the 4-H meeting.