Friday, March 28, 2014

Graduating from Linda Vista

On Tuesday (yes this post is two days late) I traveled back to Linda Vista.  In September we built 2 sets of bathrooms for this community which lies precariously between a major highway and a cliff.  The inhabitants are swatters on the land, having taken up residence due to their sheer need for homes.  At any point the government could decide to reclaim the property and completely demolish all 160 homes there.

In just six short months they have made amazing improvements to their community.  The main path to the lower level is now wide, concrete steps and there is electricity to the homes.  Water lines are being installed and paths are being covered in concrete.  The infrastructure of the community is taking shape.  They are also pursuing ownership of the property.  Prior to September, there was just one toilet for all of the families to share.  The 6 that we installed are so appreciated that everyone must sign up for cleaning detail. 

Our team installed another approximately 50 feet of concrete as sidewalks within a few hours.  Best of all, we worked with the residents to improve their property.  From mixing all the concrete by hand to the bucket line, everyone worked together for a great result.  Such amazing progress has been made because the people there truly want to improve themselves and work to make a difference.  Beyond the physical assistance they have received, they are most appreciative of the visits that we made with them.  We sat with them in their homes and shared the gospel.  We listened to their needs and took the time to pray with them.   Money can fix their house but only Jesus can heal their spirits.

As we were leaving Mario told me that if I come back just one more time, I can graduate from Linda Vista but for now it was just a double thank you. 

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