Saturday, March 29, 2014

Feeding His Sheep

John 21 describes Jesus visiting several disciples as they fished after the resurrection.  Very specifically, he called out Peter.  Three times he asked him, "do you love me?"  Three times, as many as Peter had denied Jesus on the night of his arrest.  Each time, Jesus would reply, "Feed my sheep." 

It was that simple, if you love Jesus then feed his sheep.  Care for his people.  What if we took that call seriously and truly cared for those around us -- the broken, the invisible, the unlovable?

What if Jesus came to you today?  "[Kelly] do you love me?"..."Lord you know all things; you know that I love you"..."Feed my sheep."

Several days this week we took this call literally. We fed children who otherwise would not eat.  In Paraisio we worked at an organization that provides children with lunch everyday and tutoring for those in school.  As I sat with Lourdes and Marlon, I became more aware of just how much they relied on that meal.  We treated them to chicken, French fries, and tortillas.  Many had never had fried chicken before because it is too expensive.  As I sat there eating with them they asked for my unused ketchup packet, so they could eat that as well.  When I was full and still had chicken left, Marlon was more than happy to eat the rest.  Lourdes had half of my tortilla. 

"Feed my sheep."

Friday, we went back to a feeding center right outside the dump.  Every day they feed 260 children whose parents spend their day scavenging through the trash.  Beginning at 12:00, they started filing in for a plate with beans, rice, and a tortilla.  As I filled plates with rice and passed them to Amore for beans, I felt guilty.  I don't like black beans and they looked unappealing but this was the lifeline for these children.  They don't have the choices that I do.  We watched a seven year-old bring his two-year old sibling for lunch, their parents working.  Looking up once, I saw a beautiful, older woman in line.  Children, the homeless, and the elderly rely on this place for their food.  Some days there isn't enough.  I'm afraid yesterday was one of those days.  As we prepared to leave, I  scooped the last of the rice but what if more children came? 

"Feed my sheep."

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