Saturday, March 22, 2014

7: Stress Month & the Stomach Flu

I already fessed up to the fact that this month was going to be hardest for me.  Prayer and daily bible reading just aren't hardwired into me.  If I'm not intentional I just breeze through my day without even realizing that I missed them.  The Outlook tasks are helping.  Both my phone and my computer remind me when I am supposed to pause during the day.  Even if I get behind, I realize that I'm late.

What I didn't see coming was a full-on attack from the stomach flu.  All of us went down--slowly.  First the oldest and youngest kids, then me, then my husband (who was on a business trip), and then the lone holdout.  For four straight days I was home caring for the kids and myself.  All of this--the week I was preparing to leave for this trip. 

As I laid on the couch myself for two days I was going crazy about the amount of tasks that I wasn't accomplishing at home or at work.  My mind was on overload about how I was never going to get everything done.  My daily praises were my grandmother coming to help me or food being dropped off for us, even the end of vomiting.  My work shifted from my office and computer to playing nurse.

All of the chaos taught me something though.  When I thought about my work, I realized that those days my job was to be a mom, not a worker.  I was to be home taking care of my family.  It also taught me that it's okay not to be in motion at all times.  It's also okay to spend some time not working.

Amazingly enough, everything got done before I left--work, clean house, meals prepped, laundry, bills paid--all of it.  I even got to sleep last night.  Normally I stay up all night before these trips working and then sleep on the plane.  But not this time.  It was peaceful (minus the rush to fold a few things so the kids could go to bed) and relaxed (minus having to get 12 pounds out of my bags).

Lesson learned--stuff gets done even when I'm not in crisis mode 24 hours a day.  God used the stomach flu and stress month to teach me a lesson about myself and what is really important.

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