Sunday, March 2, 2014

7: Month 7: Stress?!

I thought that Food Month was awful, which it was, but this month may actually be the hardest for me.  Month 7 focuses on Stress, that all-consuming cloud that follows my daily movements.  It is one of the most permanent parts of my life, much by my own doing. 

So this month, I will be observing 7 pauses each day to pray.  Prayer, coupled with bible study, is one of the most difficult things for me to do.  I never learned to pray, beyond rote recitations.  Slowly I learned to just talk to God and not worry about the formality of prayer.  Whenever I feel worried or happy or burdened, I just talk.  To this day, I still don't like to pray in front of other people. 

The prayers this month are different though.  They follow and at times lead the rhythm of my day.  
  • Dawn:  The Awakening Hour--Praising and Celebration
  • Mid-morning:  The Blessing Hour--Mindfulness of the Spirit's presence and the sacredness of our work
  • Midday:  The Hour of Illumination--Illuminating your heart
  • Mid afternoon:  The Wisdom Hour--Surrender, Forgiveness, Wisdom and the Impermanence of Life
  • Early Evening:  The Twilight Hour--Gratitude and Serenity
  • Bedtime:  The Great Silence--Awareness of your day, Protection from darkness, stillness and rest
  • Midnight:  The Night Watch--Advocating for those who suffer and live in darkness: the suffering, abandoned, oppressed and lonely
Day 1 already showed just what the stress looks like around here.  I was getting supper ready while also trying to sign assignment books and a bursting graded work folder.  As I was repeating for at least the 3 time to put the folders away, I reminded everyone that was supposed to be praying.  (Great visual isn't it?)  I was late for The Twilight Hour.  You know, the one that helps to transition from work to home and family... So, I left the kitchen and sat down to pray for a couple minutes.  Nothing burned in the meantime and it helped me just to think about all the things that we have to be thankful for, including children who are able to attend school.

I'm hoping that this month helps me redefine the natural flow of my days.

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