Thursday, February 27, 2014

Passion In Life

Until I was aware of the Holy Spirit, I never truly understood passion.  Sure I had strong feelings and opinions about varying subjects but I never felt an intense obsession (not in a creepy way) with something beyond myself. 

Even once I knew the Holy Spirit, I still couldn’t explain what it really feels like.  All of the Christianese descriptions are foreign and to some degree ridiculous sounding to most people.  But then I read John 4 and found the perfect description.  Jesus was traveling through Samaria and had the audacity to speak with a Samaritan woman he met while resting at a well.  As if it should be surprising, his own words gave us the perfect description of what it is like to be nourished spiritually.

John 4:14 “Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

That my friends is what the Holy Spirit and passion feel like.  Deep within you feel pressure building.  The more you listen, learn, see, and do, the more the feelings grow.  Eventually, even though fear may still try to restrain you, your passion cannot be contained.  It permeates your life—saturating your thoughts and refocusing how you see the world around you.  Everything changes because just like a river naturally continues to flow, your passion flows and reaches others.

That is why I’m not afraid to fly to Guatemala by myself.  That is why I’ll take my daughters to inner city Philadelphia to feed the homeless.  That is why we take Christmas cookies to our kids who live in government housing. 

My passion is for people who need to know that they are loved, even in difficult circumstances where others would be afraid to go.  The Holy Spirit shows me the path and gives me the boldness to do what I may otherwise miss by being focused on myself.

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