Thursday, February 6, 2014

Best Vacation Ever!

A week ago I returned from the best vacation ever!  It wasn’t the longest, not the most expensive or exotic, but the best.  After years of failing, Brandon and I finally figured out how to get away and enjoy time to ourselves.  We, just the two of us, spent 4 days in Las Vegas.  It’s probably not many “church” people’s first choice for a restful vacation but it fits us well. 

What was so wonderful about the trip was that we were able to turn off all of our stress and responsibility for a couple days to have fun.  It’s not that we can’t have fun at home, it’s just different.  At home there is always pressure to work on this project, clean that part of the house, make a meal, be on a conference call…  It’s impossible to sit down and not feel guilty about what I should be working on instead of relaxing. 

In Vegas, we were able to do anything we wanted, whenever we wanted.  Watch Nitro Circus Live—sure!  (because if I had no responsibility and was younger I’d want to do FMX)  Go to a movie at 4:00 in the afternoon—why not?   Play cards for a couple hours—any time of the day.  Walk down the block for ice cream at 1:00 am—no reason not to.  It was like being in college again without the barely scraping by checkbook. 

Just like college, Brandon and I were together.  It was and is one of the things that is most attractive to me about my husband—I enjoy being with him.  It hasn’t really mattered what we were doing as long as we were together.  So this trip allowed us to do what we enjoy most. 

Valley of Fire State Park

It probably sounds selfish but I really just wanted time away.  Away from work.  Away from home.  I love my children dearly but I needed rest.  I needed a little bit of quiet time without being questioned every 3 minutes, with meals where I only cut my food, and where I could sleep whenever I wanted.  I guess that is selfish but it is also self-preservation.  If I continue to do without rest I’ll eventually transform into the overwhelmed, grouchy shell that is just surviving life.  A few days away helped me to feel revived and renewed—able to return and feel excited about normal life again.  Being away helps me remember all the things that I miss about normal life—hugs from the kids, playing board games, riding four wheelers in the mud and snow.

As we travel through parenthood, we need to remember that although our time raising our children may be limited, our marriage is long lasting and can’t take a backseat.  When we have successfully raised independent adults I don’t want to look at Brandon and wonder how we will go on.  I want to high five for a job well done and plan our next adventure. 

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