Wednesday, February 5, 2014

7: Month 6: Thou Shalt Not Spend

This month focuses on where we spend our money.  We are supposed to choose only 7 places.  Here are our 7 for this month:  Martin’s, Target, AC&T, Online Banker (because we will teach the children nothing if the mortgage and electricity aren’t paid), school, doctors, and River City for pet food. 

That’s right—no restaurants, no online retailers.  I really wish I had planned a little better.  I should have paid for school yearbooks and lunch accounts last week and sent in the registration for Isaiah for preschool as well but I didn’t.  I’m holding out that Target might have rabbit food but I’m a little doubtful.  Rabbit food at Target would mean that we free up a spot.

This may not sound hard to some people but it really takes away some of our ability to indulge ourselves.  No random lunches just because I didn’t want what I packed.  No really cute shirt from the Sevenly site that was on sale only last week but I didn’t see it until Saturday, February 1st.  No free with purchase of a sandwich pastry from Panera Bread.  No snow tubing or Frozen Sing-along.   

As Brandon said last night, this is all well and good until life happens.  On Saturday, February 1st, my washing machine pump decided to stop working so we’re already making a bill to someone not on the list.  One new pump ordered to be installed next week.  Although the bill is much smaller than the cost of a new washer, which seemed to be the repairman’s suggestion.  I do feel guilty though about how not having one appliance can disrupt my whole life.  As I was whining about hand wringing a load of towels, going to the laundromat, or waiting more than a week to wash clothes again, I thought about Dona Chica washing her clothes in a pila.  

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  1. Kelly, you continue to challenge me to pay attention to how much I take for granted! yesterday's expenses alone, Granny's Donuts, McDonalds, CookOut, Zoes' kitchen, Guilford Medical supply, SteinMart, Office Depot, BP, Ulta. All very necessary. :(