Friday, January 17, 2014

Real Mom Life: The Flu

For your Friday fun, here's a real life recap of the craziness of our life this past week.  Those glamorized tv versions of motherhood can't hold a candle to this.  For anyone who has wondered if these things only happened to them, you're finding company here.

  • Awoken around midnight by a sick little boy with a fever of 103.  Let the medicine game begin.
  • Little boy still sick, fever still high, and working from home for the second day in a row.  Calling customers with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the background.
  • 10:36:  The school nurse calls.  Daughter is in the office with a bad headache for the second time this morning.  Need to pick her up at school.
  • 10:39:  Realize that I am wearing the same pair of sweatpants for the third straight day and I haven't showered since Sunday.  My daughter is already feeling sick, I can't add complete parental embarrassment today.  Quickly wash and mostly dry hair and put on a better shirt with favorite sweatpants before heading in to school.
  • 8:25:  Proudly put all children to bed on time, with supper cleaned up, dishes finished, and floors and counters cleaned.  Only to realize that I forgot to give the little boy his bath.  Oh well.  He hasn't gone anywhere since Sunday morning.  How dirty can he really be?
  • I vow to do better this morning and actually shower and get dressed, only to apply deodorant directly to the front of my black shirt.  There's no getting out of this--change clothes again.  So much for doing better.
  • Actually shower, get dressed well, put on makeup and go to work for a full day.  Both daughters go to school.  Success!
  • 11:00:  Finished watching Parenthood (not really happy about that ending either) and head to bed.  Hear the little boy coughing and go check on him only to find vomit on his sheets.  Poor kid.  He's a trooper.  Everything cleaned up and he's right back to sleep.
  • I'm not kidding anyone today.  I'm back in sweatpants, working at home.
Through it all I have good "sick kids."  The biggest benefit, I get some cuddle time with my little boy because he's too cool for that most of the time now.

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