Thursday, January 2, 2014

7: Football is BACK!

Disclaimer:  I was going to start this post about 30 minutes earlier but we had a severe family crisis.  It's been snowing here today and the satellite dish had enough snow in just the right place to completely take out all ESPN channels.  Wielding a headlamp, into the barn I went for the tallest step ladder we own to brush snow away with a broom.  Ridiculous for sure but so worth it to watch the Oklahoma-Alabama game!

It's only January 2nd but we're already perched back on the couch watching football.  This was one sad family during December but there were some lessons to be learned.  We all survived with less whining than anticipated, especially from me.  I didn't die without college football but I've been trying to make up for my loss in the last two days. 

During December:
  • We found phonebooks again.  I'm really glad I didn't send them all in to recycle at school.
  • The kids realized that we still owned play dough. 
  • We found our love of nerf guns!  It is full on nerf war in our house--full contact with goggles needed.
  • Instead of watching tv one evening we had a deliberate discussion about building a complex nested "if" statement in Excel to solve a work problem.  Too little tv and we'll be really nerdy.
  • We went Christmas caroling and delivered cookies to some kids from church as a family. 
And just for your reading pleasure, here are some comments I captured from various family members during Media Month:
  • "Being sick during Media Month sucks!"
  • "I can only read so much."
  • "Do you know how many Christmas movies I could be absorbing today?'
  • "Next month is Waste Month, we need to sandbag."
  • "This is just really inconvenient now."
  • upon opening a dvd for Christmas, "Oh awesome, too bad I can't watch it this month."
  • "Is it Media Month in Guatemala?"  I guess Isaiah was plotting his escape.

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  1. I was a witness to a small nerf war when I watched them last!
    One of my goals this year is to redefine "rest" which generally includes a lot of watching tv or getting on the computer. We shall see!