Saturday, November 30, 2013

7: Month 4: Life Without TV

I'm previewing Month 4 a day early because it is Media month.  That's right.  No tv, Facebook, internet (other than work), or gaming systems for an entire month for our whole family.  This is going to be rough!  I use media as a pacifier.  My tv is a companion while I work, a pacesetter in my day, and a mindless distraction at night to relax.  The internet is my primary source of news and silent thief of my time--one blog article here, a few Facebook statuses there.

I'm started a preemptive list of all things I already know that I'll miss next month.
  • Almost the ENTIRE college bowl season!  You need to understand that we will watch No Name School play No Skill School in Nowhere, USA because it's college football!  We will undoubtedly miss the Virginia Tech game because it is highly unlikely they'll make it to a January game.
  • SNL Christmas Special.  I know it is fairly inappropriate but it's almost completely hilarious.
  • My daily blog reading.  There is a list of awesome blogs that I read each day.  I hope they don't write anything awesomely inspiring in the next month because I won't read it until January.
  • The Christmas Story.  Every year Brandon and I sit on Christmas afternoon and watch this movie together.  It's just something we always do together.  He is already singing the Deck the Halls version from the end of the movie and it's November.
But what I might gain:
  • Undistracted time to read.
  • Getting caught up on my scrapbooks.  I'm only 3 years behind.
  • Time to do activities with my kids instead of zoning out.
  • Real peace and quiet.
I will still be writing here next month.  Maybe I'll have time to write some of these thoughts swirling through my head.

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