Saturday, November 9, 2013

7: Clean is Relative with Clothes This Month

Month 3 of the 7 Fast focuses on clothes.  Remember how many I had in September?  More than 300 in my neatly organized closet.  I managed to rid my closet of about a third of my clothing that month, the vast majority going with us to Guatemala.  Boy have I downsized again--7 articles of clothing and 7 accessories for the entire month of November.

I tried to go multi-purpose as to not have any "eggs" this month.  Clothes--black shirt, white shirt, dark blue dress, black printed tunic, skinny jeans, regular jeans, and black leggings.  Accessories--boots, sneakers, black flats, scarf, magazine bead necklace, and 2 pairs of earrings.  These are some hardworking clothes this month.  And for everyone that's wondering because it is a very common question--underwear and pajamas aren't counting this month.  Those just seem like essentials for modesty.  So if you feel like that's cheating, I'm not sorry.

As I walked into the kitchen on Thursday morning, Aubrey asked me why I was wearing those jeans with that type of shirt (really the blue dress).  Brandon asked her what month it was--"Oh yeah..."  I was proud of my outfit, no matter what the 8 year-old fashionista thought. 

A friend asked me at church on Wednesday if my clothes were clean, knowing which month we were on.  Really, it's all relative this month.  I can promise you that I'm not washing them after every wear, that's unrealistic for me right now.  I'd be in the same position I was on Friday morning more often.  Here's the situation:  Wednesday=tunic, Thursday=dress, and I have to choose my black shirt or my white shirt.  Keep in mind, they've both already been worn to work this week.  I have to go white because I need my black shirt to set up the store on Saturday to hide potential stains.  The problem, my white shirt is apparently in the laundry.  You can already tell where this is headed, can't you?  That's right, into the clothes hamper!  The shirt wasn't really dirty, just worn twice.  It was however wrinkly but that handy blue scarf worked well to distract from the wrinkles.  I guess I'm at the point of wearing a wrinkly shirt instead of repeating twice within 3 days.

The clothes thing hasn't been too bad, not nearly as bad so far as food.  I don't hate any of my choices yet.  I don't have the desire to cheat.  Maybe I'm just prone to be fashionably lazy when it's acceptable.  What I have been thinking, especially after picking a shirt out of the hamper is that it's just another way I'm so lucky.  Last night, I washed that shirt in a washing machine.  I didn't hand wash it in a pila.  I don't live in a home with a dirt floor where it is hard to be clean even when you try. 

I might go through my closet again because I think there's some more I could give away...

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