Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Joy and Thanksgiving

Last Friday we ventured back to Bethania in Zone 7.  This time we delivered 150 food bags to students at a local school.  Class by class, the children came outside and received a bag containing juice, nutritional drinks, snacks and some candy. 

Part way through I decided to stand by the door and just watch the children.  They were so happy to receive these gifts.  From their classrooms you could hear them squealing and cheering.  Even as I watched their joy I was overcome with sadness.  I thought about how sad it is that something as common as food could brighten their day, because they probably don't always get enough food.  My thoughts started drifting to my own children.  When is the last time I saw them be this happy about food?  They enjoy their favorite meal but they also know we always have something to eat, even if it isn't their favorite.  Our blessings allow us to forget how fortunate we really are and just how much we have to be thankful for.

These children remind me how little it takes to brighten some one's day and show them God's love. 

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