Friday, October 11, 2013

7: 7 Foods are Better than 2

I have to admit, I'm really tired of my 7 food choices already.  There's only so much you can do with chicken to spice it up without adding other real foods.  After only 3 days I realized eggs weren't the best choice for me either but I'm using them as a fill-in every once in a while.  All of this seems like whining though given my recent travels. 

Exactly 2 weeks ago I was sitting on a bus in Guatemala City.  All of our leftovers were neatly packed into ziploc bags.  We stopped along the road outside the Guatemala City dump, opened 2 of the side windows to the bus and watched as a line formed outside. 


Children were literally running to the bus for the chance to get a bag.  They didn't even know what we would give them.  I don't think it mattered.  It was more than they had at the moment.

Even though this was a spur of the moment idea, word spread quickly to the children -- pizza, rice, chicken, and ham for lunch. 

After handing out all of the meals that we had to the children on the street, we were invited into a neighboring feeding center to give out our remaining candy.  What looked like a tiny store opened up to a large room filled with hungry little faces.  I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of children in the room. 

Even in the chaos there was order.  A boy came in with his younger sibling on his shoulders.  After patiently waiting in line for their meals and drinks they joined the other children at the tables. 

Each child received the same meal--black beans and rice. I was selfishly glad that it wasn't my lunch because I don't like black beans. How spoiled am I?! I had been surrounded by poverty all week and I was glad I didn't have to eat black beans.  So many times this month I have thought back to Guatemala.  I wonder how many of those children go hungry except for that one meal each day?  Black beans and rice were their only option that day.  They don't have the privilege of being picky like me, relying only on the food given to them by those sweet ladies. 
So no matter how bored I may get eating my 7 foods this month, I got to choose them myself, it's only for 1 month, and it's still more than a lot of people have! 
I will probably still complain when people suggest ordering Red Lobster for lunch or we receive homemade cookies as a gift and I have to watch everyone else eat them but my perspective has changed.  I know that even today when I didn't eat lunch until 3:20, I wasn't starving.  And even though I wasn't excited about chicken and potatoes, I could get more if I was still hungry.  I could even add an apple or wheat bread if I really wanted it. 
With my 7 foods, I am blessed.

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