Monday, September 30, 2013

Why People Shouldn't Do Missions

I know this sounds like an absurd statement when I just returned yesterday from Guatemala but I believe it's the truth.  People shouldn't "do" missions.  We should all be on mission because we have all been called to a unique mission field if only we are willing to accept the challenge. 

When people "do" mission work, it sounds like something either obligatory or award-worthy.  It makes it seem like something out of the ordinary when we are actually called to spread the hope and saving grace of Jesus with everyone we meet.  If love is our guiding force, we will seek to share with others and work to improve their lives as an outward demonstration of Christ's love.  Feeding children or mixing concrete in Guatemala is just one way that God is allowing me to show people that He sent me to help improve their lives.  He gave me the chance to meet them and pray for them.  Missions is not something that we can only do in a distant city, state, or country.  The most difficult mission field is often your own hometown, or even harder, your own family. 

No matter where we live, there are always people who do not believe in Jesus Christ and his path to salvation.  Someone has to be obedient and reach out to those in every segment of the earth's population--rich or poor, near or far, black or white, mansion or homeless.  We are all given different opportunities and gifts to reach people.  Truthfully at times it will seem that we are ill-equipped for the challenge ahead.  At those times we need to remember that Christ is leading and we need to trust him.  Christ uses us, not the other way around.  He uses us when we're broken, when we've been lost, when we feel inadequate.  He uses our distinct path to lead others to salvation.

Matthew 28:19 says that we are to make disciples of all the nations.  It doesn't say that everyone will travel around the world to complete the task.  We need to plant where we are sent, not hoard our seeds while waiting for a different field.

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