Monday, September 23, 2013

How to Stop the Cycle?

Seventeen years old with a 5 day old baby.  Two teens welcomed us into their home this afternoon.  They look like babies, holding a baby.  All I can think about is how are they going to raise this baby?  Innocence radiates from their faces and I worry.  They already live in poverty.  This baby was born into poverty.  How will he provide for a family when they can't afford their own home?  I remember having babies and I know what it is like having children.  It is hard and we don't have the daily strain to survive.  When I lean down to talk to the young mom I realize that what looks like a twin mattress beside a double mattress is really skids with blankets.

She was sitting beside the soccer field intently watching the game.  After a while I decided to go down and talk with her.  As I had guessed she was watching a boy.  There isn't really many other reasons that teenage girls would sit alone and watch so intently.  We exchanged info about ourselves.  She asked me about my family.  What I wasn't expecting was her living situation.  My 14 year old friend told me that she lives with her boyfriend.  She was abused and left her home.  Now two lost children are trying to support each other.  How long until they have a baby?

So many of the young men that were playing soccer looked young and full of opportunity.  I worry about where they will be in 5 years?  There is so much risk that without an education and with young children, they will resort to illegal activities.

How do you stop this cycle?  We began today by praying.  We can't change their situation or give them the will to change.  God must be the force that drives them.

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