Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beautiful View

Tuesday was my first trip to the Linda Vista community.  This new community was recently built, nestled between a busy 6 lane road and a cliff.  The homes are typical for a Guatemalan ghetto, built from found tin, tree branches, and scavenged materials.

Linda Vista means beautiful view.

Truly these families have a beautiful view.  Their community overlooks a lush forest.  The more beautiful view that I witnessed was their vision for life.  In this community we were greeted by men and women who love Christ and are overtly thankful for all that they have been given. 

These families are thankful for their small homes, built from what we would regard as trash.  They have a love for their community that leads  them to share the water from their water filters with those who do not have one.  Their vision of Christ's love for people shows as they work together to improve their lives, with our help they went from having only one toilet for all 100 families to have 7 to share. 

True vision extends beyond what is in front of your eyes.

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