Wednesday, September 4, 2013

7: What's in Your Closet?

When I read in Jen Hatmaker's book that she had 327 articles of clothing in her closet I thought she was ridiculous.  That is an excessive amount of clothing for one woman.  Well, guess what?  This lady counted 332 articles of clothing (including all shoes)!  I guess this makes me 5 articles more ridiculous than Jen Hatmaker.  I was stunned so I added the numbers a couple times.  I mean I only have one closet and 2 small drawers--that can't be right!

How can a closet that is this organized have that much stuff in it?

As much as I love to purge and organize things.  Some of this purge was hard.  I didn't think I'd have a hard time but there were some items I didn't want to give up.  Like my very favorite, 13 year old Virginia Tech sweatshirt.  Brandon has been practically begging me to get rid of it for years because it is literally falling apart.  Now, I couldn't actually give that away because it really was full of holes but I did cut the front off to be included in a t-shirt quilt and throw the rest away, after 10 minutes of contemplation.  I guess I'm more attached to my things than I thought and it's not just the new and shiny items. 

Literally, I sat on my floor for 30 minutes trying to narrow down my shoes into what seemed like the minimum number necessary to compliment my slimmed down wardrobe.  I would have never guessed that I had 37 pairs of shoes.  I will try to make it seem better by telling you that it includes rubber boots, work boots, running shoes, and all other kinds of shoes.  See, doesn't that seem more reasonable now.  There are several pairs that aren't necessary but I just like them so they stayed.  Sorry, I'm not perfect.  One pair that left was a set of brand new, never been worn Asics running shoes.  These aren't cheap shoes people!  But, I really feel like they are for someone else.  Don't believe that I'm too generous here, there are still two pairs of the exact same shoe left, they just aren't brand new.

At the end of several hours spent in my bedroom, I am left with 226 items total, a 32% reduction.  Of that, 83 items will find new owners while 23 found the trash can.  It seems that even I can hold on to some things just because, even if they are full of holes.  It's nice to be able to look in my closet and easily see what's in there. 

Thinking about the cost of everything in that closet that was worn once, twice, a few not at all, tags still attached, is sad.  It was so much money that could have been used better.  The key is to kick the habit and maintain a manageable wardrobe that is useful. 

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