Tuesday, September 3, 2013

7: Excess from the Start

We are officially 3 days into our 7 Fast.  This month we are focusing on possessions.  The baseline is to give away 7 items every day.  In this house, that won't be a problem.  It's not because we're extra generous.  It's because we have TOO MUCH STUFF!  I like to believe that I keep a neat house without any infamous junk rooms but the truth is that we have too much stuff neatly stored throughout the entire house.  As I'm finding out, we are deceivingly greedy. 

I am choosing to involve everyone in our family this month because we are all guilty and I'm pretty sure that my list alone is going to top 210 items very soon.  Because I am compulsive, we have a calendar showing what we are focusing on each day.  We are going a little bit heavy in the first 3 weeks because we will be making a trip to Guatemala at the end of the month, a great opportunity to give away a lot of our stuff. 

I have decluttered my sewing room, emptied a hamper that had clothes to be donated from earlier purges this summer, purged my closet, and purged Brandon's closet so far this month.  We already have 236 Items!  It is sickening.  3 days in and we've already met the monthly goal.  The thought of how much money was wasted on items that I never used or barely used in unbearable. 

The giving has started already.  Caroline's teacher needed fabric scraps and yarn for a class project.  Today she receive 3 barely touched large skeins of yarn and a full grocery bag of large scraps handpicked for their kid-friendly colors, textures, and patterns.  That didn't even make a dent in the piles though. 

This is where I will need help.  As you go through your day if you know of a material need that we could help meet, please let me know.  I might add a separate page with a list of items that we would like to give to someone in need.  We can arrange for delivery within Washington County or Rockingham County.  Let's see exactly who God has in mind for our items.


  1. Hey! If you're going through your fabric stash, I need scraps of tan-ish and plaid fabrics for a Christmas project. Got any to spare? Karen

    1. I'll look. If I do, I'll bring it with me to church.