Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Super Woman Needs a Nap

I have created my own nightmare.  The expectations that I have for myself are unrealistic--total care for our children myself, manage our home to my standards, try to be outrageously involved at church, and be awesome at work. 

The problem is that if you run on empty for long enough, everything starts to slip.  That's where we are.  I am tired and catch myself being short with the kids.  A few times we've had to pull clothes out of the dryer to wear to work because I couldn't keep up.  My desk at work looked awful and I can feel myself slipping--just not as sharp as I should be.  There are a few too many Red Bulls needed to make it through the day.

When I expect myself to be Super Woman, I need to also be responsible for taking care of myself.  Instead of feeling like I could collapse at any point in the day, we are taking a break!  No work computer, out of office message posted, family and relaxation time.  We are taking the chance to have fun as a family and catch up on a lot of missed sleep.

Super Woman is no good when she's so tired that she isn't fun to be around or screws up a project at work.  Hard work is necessary and sometimes the hours are long but I can't sacrifice our family and myself.

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