Monday, July 8, 2013

Our New Puppy

Flash back to the scene in Hope Floats where they are all sitting at the breakfast table and Travis is dressed like Kermit the Frog.  Can you see it?  I used to think that was just ridiculous.  Who lets their kid dress up like an animal at the table? 

Well, by kid #3, I do.  As time goes by, I'm learning to let go.  Some fights just aren't worth it.  Instead of a frog, we have a puppy.  Isaiah came down last night in his puppy costume--the same costume he has worn the last 2 years for Trick or Treat--barking and pointing. 

Just for fun, I played fetch with my new puppy in the hallway.  I am slowly learning that sometimes having a little fun is more important than avoiding the potential collision of fur and tacos.  I don't think that in 20 years I'll remember the stain on the costume.  I'm pretty sure I'll remember how cute Isaiah is in his puppy costume.

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