Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Give Girls an Opportunity

Just last night a group ladies at our church was having a discussion on whether or not we should expect our daughters to go to college.  We are lucky becaise we can have the debate!  In many places, this wouldn't even be a thought. 

On our last trip to Guatemala, we met a family whose children didn't attend school because the single mother couldn't afford their supplies.  Public education exists in Guatemala but they are required to purchase their school supplies and uniforms.  If girls aren't fortunate enough to go to school their best hope is to find a husband who can support them.  Many women don't find that supportive husband or if they do the marriages do not last.  In the community we visited there were countless single mothers who were barely able to provide shelter or food for their families.  This is one cause of the orphan crisis -- poverty-stricken single mothers who simply cannot raise a child.  Without an education, the cycle of poverty continues.

While browsing the news I saw a preview of the CNN movie "Girl Rising."  The show airs on Sunday, June 16th at 9:00 and follows the amazing journeys of girls around the world whose lives were changed by the opportunity for an education.  The profile I watched showed 2 sisters from Cambodia who worked at the dump to collect recyclables.  Those girls were sponsored by a couple and are now enrolled in college in Chicago.

What about Sadye?  She is lucky enough to have a family complete with both parents and her siblings.  Her father works hard and her mother weaves beautiful tapestries but it still isn't easy for them.  Because we love her so much, we want to give her the chance to achieve her dreams.  We have promised to make sure she will always be able to go to school. 

But there are many more girls and boys who need the same opportunity.  If you would like to sponsor a child's education, help Education Plus Development change lives one child at a time.  The school year in Guatemala runs from January through October, let's help more girls go to school next year!  We will be seeking more sponsors before the new school year begins!

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