Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Childhood Unplugged

So what could 4 children be doing with a plastic tub of water in the yard?

Last Saturday morning, I looked out my window and this is what I saw-- four kids, carrying a tub of water to the barn.  What in the world are they up to?  As they rounded the corner, I lost track of their plot.  There had been talk about hunting for turtles. 

Saturday was a great day.  By 8:30, all of the kids had eaten and were outside playing.  No computer, no tv, just their imaginations and space.  It's amazing what they come up with when they are free to just create and imagine.  The morning flew by as the worked on their project.  Around 11, we were invited to watch their play.  Complete with multiple roles and many props, they had recreated our Vacation Bible School drama.  The water was a bathtub, which our son happily jumped in.

I just love when the kids feel free to be creative!  Some times, it's a play, other times it is a science scavenger hunt, it's different each day-- whatever they dream up.

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