Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Village

It seems only reasonable that if I am leading an I Am Second study in our Sunday School class and challenge the class that I should also participate.  The first challenge was to consider who is in your village and make a list of 50 people. 

I don't mean your geographic vicinity--those who you impact and influence on a regular basis.  Unless you are really a hermit, we all have countless interactions every day.  The real question is of all those people who we contact each day, how many of them really know us?  I am not an open person, preferring to keep my secrets to myself.  I have missed opportunities for companionship and assistance because I won't open up and in many instances don't trust people to be genuine. 

Over the last few years my village has shrunk.  If you aren't found between my house, work, or church I haven't likely seen you often.  Even so, there is still a wide group of people that I see regularly.

My Village includes:
  • Brandon
  • Aubrey, Caroline, & Isaiah
  • My Dad and Stepmom
  • My Sisters and their Families
  • Nan and Pap
  • Uncle Doug
  • Our Friends
  • Our Employees
  • Customers in our Business
  • Business Associates within the company
  • Business Associates from outside companies
  • The Children and Families we work with through church
Go beyond yourself, how many divine appointments have you missed because you didn't intentionally engage in your village?  We were asked to consider how many people on our list really know why we are second.  They may see me and Isaiah pray at lunch.  They know we go to church.  But do they know why?  Do they know my story?  Do they know my mess and how even I can be saved?

Not really.  Some people only see glimpses.  A few people know my beliefs.  Even less know some of my back story.  Less than one handful really know me.

That's my challenge--how and when to share my story.  How to discern who can appreciate the different parts of my story and when to share? 

Who is in your village and do they know your story?

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