Saturday, May 4, 2013

It Could Have Been Me

It's easy to ignore the hard issues in this world when they happen to someone else.  If we don't know someone with "that problem" we don't have to think about it.  Yesterday I wrote about my struggle with the world's view of abortion

The truth is that I could have been one of those babies.  Based on the world's view about pregnancy, I was an inconvenience.  I wasn't planned or expected.  I disrupted a senior year of high school.  Teen pregnancy wasn't glorified on a highly rated reality show then.  Two families were forced to question themselves and their beliefs.  How would they embrace this new family?  Plans were turned upside down.  Nothing would ever be the same.  Everyone's life would change.

So many times I have heard people call my birth a mistake.  If they were lucky, they were not within earshot of my dad.  He was always quick to correct people.  He said I was a "surprise" not a mistake--a surprise is something you didn't know you wanted until you had it. 

I owe everything to the courage of my parents--to face their fears and start a family.  I've never asked about that time in their lives because I don't think I could handle the truth about their fear. 

What could have been.....

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