Saturday, April 20, 2013

Pretty Little Weeds

We don't live in the world of a well manicured lawn and perfectly designed flower garden.  There was a point several years ago when I tried to carefully design my flowerbeds each year and keep them looking beautiful.  I had designed planting beds so that I could have fresh cut flowers all spring and summer.  Then reality struck!  We have 3 kids, 2 businesses and a busy life.  Now we have a weed invested yard, flowerbeds with only perennials and weeds, and no planting bed.  Not ideal but that's where we're at. 

I've been thinking about an update to our yard space to help me feel like I can enjoy our home again.  The minimalist look isn't helping my mood and doesn't help me to enjoy God's beauty either.  Apparently my daughter thought we needed an upgrade as well. 


Who would have thought that some weeds in a jelly jar could change the whole mood of our home?  I guess sometimes it's the little things that can be that little bit of joy at just the right time.

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