Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Being in the Right Place

Today was our last work day.  Guatemala time isn't the same as American time which also isn't the same as Mission trip with three small children time.  When we first started our projects I was disappointed because we weren't on schedule.  (I know, obsessive compulsive from the beginning.)  When we went to pick up the lumber for the chicken coop, it wasn't cut.  It was easy to see that we weren't going to get 2 completed during our time here.  I was honestly disappointed that weren't getting enough done. 

What's more amazing than I can describe is how God puts us where we need to be to meet those he wants us to meet.  If it wasn't Semana Santa and most everything was closed the lumber would have been available.  If the lumber was finished, Brandon wouldn't have worked with Don Andreas and his sons.  If Brandon hadn't enjoyed his time so well with them, we might have allowed them to finish while we worked on another project.

We were meant to be with that family.  We all have a unique connection with them.  Brandon enjoyed working with Don Andreas and his sons.  I loved building but also learning from Donachica.  Caroline adopted Donachica and spent hours weaving with her.  Isaiah and Paola raced trucks down a wood ramp.  Aubrey was like me, she liked to do feel at home and be with everyone.  She helped build, played with Paola, and hung out with Sadie.

This is our Guatemalan family.  They are forever in our lives.  Before we had even left, they were asking when we'll be back.  Going to their house felt like home.  We will visit them again, every time we return.  I just need to figure out how to keep in touch in between visits.

We got a call this evening while at supper.  Donachica had worked all evening to finish the wall hanging that she and Caroline had weaved. They rode the bus from San Antonio to Antigua just to meet us so we had the gift before we left.  When they arrived, not only did they have the wall hanging but they also brought a wooden truck that they had made for Isaiah.  Mynor had enjoyed having the kids at their home so much over the last few days that he had gotten Aubrey a gift as well. 

We were meant to come during Semana Santa, not be on our American schedule with American expectations, and meet a very special addition to our lives.

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