Saturday, March 30, 2013

Providing a Means to Improve

One of the best things about the work we are doing on this trip is that we are working with families and helping them sustain themselves and provide additional income. 

Brandon worked all day with a Mayan family to build a chicken coop.  The family builds coffins for a living  but is also using their skills and carpentry tools to help us build a chicken coop for a single mother and her children.   Apparently Spanglish works well in the carpentry trade because the father said that he liked Brandon's work and that he could come back and work for him.  (So just in case we have a back up plan.)  They started with rough hewn lumber for the project and worked towards our finished project.

During the morning, the children and I helped to clear a plot of land and plant a garden.  The family we helped is supported by a widowed mother.  Her children were working to clear the land while she worked at her job making tortillas.  We found the job that our son enjoys--watering the plants.  This same family will receive the chicken coop.  They will be able to have a source of food for themselves but also sell the extra for additional income.

We are all enjoying our time with these families.  They tried to teach me one of the Mayan dialects today but I think I'll stick with learning Spanish for now.  I still can't roll my R's and what I heard today has some very distinct sounds.

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