Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Nice Day in the Village

San Antonio is beginning to feel like home.  The kids recognize the places we go during the day and the people we see.  It's amazing to watch them skip down the streets and make themselves at home.  Just today I watched as my daughters went right back to see Andreas' mother when we arrived at their home after mass.  At lunch time, Caroline went right back to wash up at the pila when we went to Ame's restaurant. 

We spent another day with Andreas' family.  We are all experimenting with the first chicken coop to be built by their family and are working together to get it right.  We even used a text message life line today to the States to get a poultry question answered. It's amazing that I could be in the village, that can't even get any kind of internet service, but still send and receive a text message to the US.  We are dangerously close to finished.  Andreas and his family will finish painting this evening so we can deliver it tomorrow morning. 

She thinks she is in charge.

Caroline spent most of the day with Donnachica learning to weave.


Their new friend Paola
 Our friend asked what we would do about naps for Isaiah while we were gone.  He decided he could sleep in the village just fine.

We'll see what tomorrow holds.

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