Saturday, March 30, 2013

A New House and Cupcakes

Day 2 of our adventure allowed us all to work in areas that are our strengths.  At the same time, we are beginning to learn what areas are a struggle for our children.  They are doing awesome but we can see what is hard for them as we work. 

The oldest has a difficult time being physically affectionate and this is a very loving culture.  I can't fault her though because we are not overly touchy feely.  She has to be intentional about hugging and looking at the people she meets.  Our younger daughter thrives in this environment.  She loves being around other people and can easily adapt to the new people she meets.  Even without a common language, she interacts and loves others.  I can't judge the little boy yet.  He was super excited yesterday but was sick today.  By mid afternoon he had a high fever.  One dose of Tylenol later he was back to his silly self.

We spent the day working on a home for the Lopez Hernandez family.  This single mother weaves and washes laundry to provide for her children.  Her oldest son saved money for years to buy the property for his mother's new home.  They rent their current home for $30 per month.  Their new house will have real walls, a bathroom, kitchen, and small garden.

After lunch while Brandon kept working with the two local laborers at the house, we hosted the girls' birthday party.  Children from around San Antonio were invited for pinatas and cupcakes.  Even the littlest kids knew exactly what to do with the pinatas.  They were unsure about the cupcakes.  That isn't common here.  A local lady used my cake mixes and supplies and baked the cupcakes for us.  She allowed us to rent her restaurant so that the kids could decorate their own cupcakes. 

All of the children sang to the girls and the guests received the gifts of clothing that were given from home.  Brandon was still working when the children from the Lopez Hernandez family came running back up the hill with their presents.  They were ecstatic to have received what seems like such a small gift to us. 

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