Monday, December 10, 2012

The Truth

I'm only on Week 2, Day 2 in Live Second but already I'm being pushed. 

Today's bible passage is Genesis 15:1-3.  In the passage, Abraham questions God about his promise to make Abraham a great nation.  At this point, Abraham is still without a son and he believes that his trusted servant will be his heir.  I completely understand Abraham's impatience.  Too many times to count, I have requested an answer and then complained when it didn't come quick enough.  I'm not sure that I am brave enough to actually question God about the delay like Abraham.  Who am I to question God's timing?

The problem with holding back is that God already knows my thoughts.  I'm lying to God when I stew about questions that I have but am not willing to talk to God.  I would be annoyed if my husband stewed about something instead of talking to me--why do I do it to God?  There has to be a difference between ungratefulness/pride and honesty. 

Reading on, here comes the challenge.

"Talk with God
  God, this is what is going on in my life and this is what I need..."

Try answering that question honestly.  First I have to be honest with myself and then I need to be brave enough to speak the truth. 

What's going on?  I'm still super busy and haven't found a balance between work and family.  I am sold-out to missions work but I don't know how to incorporate that into our lives without sacrificing other responsibilities.  I'm tired--in just about every way. 

What do I need?  To get some projects done to feel relief.  Sleep (seriously).  To force myself to start exercising again.  And that's just the beginning.

Want to do the study for yourself, look for Live Second: 365 Ways to Put Jesus First.  You can view the films at

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