Monday, December 10, 2012

3 Books that Everyone Needs

If you ever had a desire to become authentic, I want to suggest three books to help you on your journey.

The first and most important is a Bible.  I won't suggest a version other than to make clear that you need an accurate translation that does not take artistic liberties with the content and context.  Personally, I use an NIV Life Application Study Bible that I find easy to read with useful footnotes.

The next two books are from the I Am Second program. 

I Am Second is full of honest testimonies that provide hope for anyone.  The Seconds featured range from athletes and celebrities to regular people.  Everyone is open about their lives, choices, and struggles.  There is no veil of perfection.  This is a book about life--anyone and everyone's life.  It is also a book about the hope that we can all find when we choose to put God first.

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Live Second: 365 Ways to Put Jesus First  is the newly-released companion to I Am SecondLive Second is a daily devotional that focuses on being honest about yourself and applying biblical principals to our lives.  Live Second is easy to follow and written in a manner that allows you to decide the depth of your study.  On Day 1 of each week, you will watch a Second film.  The remaining days all follow that week's theme.  As I read the bible passage each day, I find myself finding "new" information and thinking deeper about what the passages really mean and how they apply to my life.  The combination of films and bible passages help me to focus on how to change my life while also appreciating others.

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Both of these books are written in a way that is easy for anyone to read and appreciate.  As a bonus, if you buy Live Second  by December 15th and e-mail a copy of your receipt to you will receive free film downloads for use in teaching others.

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