Saturday, November 17, 2012

Making Time for Simple Pleasures

On Monday evening, we tried to have one last s'mores campfire but the wind wouldn't cooperate.  So we set a date for Friday.  All seemed well until the call that the shipment would be here at 8:00 and we needed to come back to receive it.  So many times, work trumps fun in our lives.  This is the second Friday night in a row that we have gone back to work to unload a shipment, the kids are real troopers during the process.

This promise was one that we could not break.  It was too important to everyone.  With a little planning, we managed pizza for supper (Special Treat #1) and a campfire with s'mores (Special Treat #2) all before the call came from the driver.

Bundled up and ready to head outside

Toasted Goodness!
It didn't take much time. We already had all the supplies. We just needed to make the effort. Best of all we made some good memories!

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