Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Tale of Two Cities

On a recent morning I was sitting at what should have been an innocuous, routine meeting.  Casual conversation turned to the subject of summer activities.  I mentioned that we had recently traveled to Guatemala. 

Their response was not what I expected.  Quite flippantly, they responded, "how great of you to spend your vacation doing humanitarian work."  Continuing, they mentioned being told by a number of people how their specialty was needed in lesser developed countries.  Unfortunately, "if they're going away, they're going to relax."  I drifted back to my defensiveness and didn't mention anything else about my trip (see previous post The Mission at Home) for the rest of our meeting.  Even though I have known this person for many years, my opinion was shaken because I expected a level of respectfulness and interest. 

Just ten short hours later, I was sitting at dinner in Dallas.  To my left was a gentleman who I would have never expected to be genuinely interested in my trips to Guatemala.  After all, we were there to discuss integrated business systems and tools.  I was able to share about the work that we had done and the great needs that exist.


For his part, he has just launched a coffee company that purposefully donates 5% of the sales proceeds to charitable organizations.  Patrons are able to choose to support Christian missionaries, a homeless community ministry, or, as the name would suggest, The Red Panda Network.  I would urge you to consider supporting D-Mac on his journey to support those who are making a difference.  How much easier could it be to help a greater cause?  Just sit back and sip a cup of Red Panda Coffee.

One day, two cities, and two completely different reactions but just what I needed to remind me that there are those who need to hear the message and those who are called to serve.


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