Monday, August 13, 2012

What a Difference A Year Can Make, Sometimes

It has been a full year since I last saw the children at Dorie's Promise and at the San Jose Pinula state orphanage.  For Dorie's Promise, the last year has been full of change.  There are new children in the home.  There have been several new children added in just the last few weeks.  A sibling group of three children just arrived at Dorie's and is slowly becoming acclimated to the home.  Meanwhile several children who I met last year have moved away from Dorie's to their loving families.  Still there are those children who have remained but even they have grown, changed, and are excelling.

(Here are some for pictures for Becky, Charity and Leslie.)



Nayeli Soto

Maria La Luz

Dulce Maria, 2 1/2 months old, 4 pounds
At the same time while we were at the state orphanage today, there were many familiar faces.  The past year has not brought them change.  They are still at the orphanage without the support of a loving family or loving caregivers.  Tito was there to give me a hug and bless me with his smile.  But he was still there.  He hadn't progressed.  He will never be able to leave there because of his disabilities. His life doesn't change.  Juliana was still there.  Her baby boy is a year older, chubby cheeked and adorable but they are still living at the orphanage.  Her future is uncertain.  Where will they go when she is 18?  What will become of them and will the cycle continue?

As joyous as it is to see the babies learn to walk and talk, it is a challenge to know that others still struggle.  What can we do to improve the life of those who are held in the bondage of this world?  What impact can we have on their spiritual lives?

Matthew 5:5 "Blessed are the meek , for they will inherit the earth." 

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