Friday, August 17, 2012

More Change Needed

Over the past year, there have been noticeable visible changes at the Guatemala City dump but none improved the conditions for those who work there.  Instead of dumping in the middle, they now dump closer to the edge and loaders push the trash towards the ravine.

Why would a government allow it's water supply to be contaminated by a landfill?  Why is it better to attempt to treat the contaminated water than address the problem?  More importantly, why are there people who rely on recycling trash and sifting through the river for metal to sustain their families? 

I don't have the answers to these questions but these images are always in my mind.  Maybe one day, the economy of Guatemala will sustain opportunities for progress within the lower class workforce.  Until then I will pray for the workers and their families.  Beyond their safety and immediate needs, I pray that they will find salvation through Christ so that their eternal reward is a heavenly home beyond anything they could imagine while living on earth.  How wonderful would it be to watch these families who have struggled just to provide food and shelter enter into heaven, to live without worry for eternity?

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