Thursday, April 5, 2012

Looking for the Ray of Sunshine

Potty training.  The torture of wet underwear, wet pants, and endless trips to the potty. 

I will admit outright that I will be somewhat whining in this post but I am truly trying to find the good in the situation.  I currently find myself spending extended periods of time sitting on a cold tile bathroom floor reading and rereading about Lightning McQueen and his friends.  I forgot how much potty training was really like parent training in the beginning.  None the less, here we are, day 2 with the knowledge that if I turn back it's not like he is going to do this by himself anytime soon. 

I am starting have flashbacks to potty training the girls.  The oldest was torture.  That first day was a nightmare--13 pairs of wet underwear and a mini chopper broken in frustration during dinner preparation.  The days got better and quickly we were done but those first couple days were hard.  I believe her brother will be very similar.  The middle was a breeze--she decided and it was done.   Oh how much I appreciate the middle child! 

As I sit here frustrated, wishing for more success, I am trying to find some positives for the experience because unless there is a plan we're not aware of, this will be our last round of potty training.
  • The ultimate goal of diaper freedom in our home!  No more diaper bags, dirty diapers, wipes, pungent diaper pails that always seem to be overflowing
  • Spending more time with my little boy.  Normally during the day, I work and he plays.  I am intentionally trying to work less these days because I know that I need to keep a close eye on his needs.  I can honestly say that I haven't read this many books to him in quite a while. 
  • Building confidence within my son.  Potty training is hard work.  It is a skill that has to be mastered.  This gives me the opportunity to teach him a difficult task in a way that builds his self confidence.  I need to remember this part as the days wear on and the wet diapers continue!
These are the days when the balance is hard and motherhood is exhausting.  Now, back to the potty--let's hope for success!

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