Sunday, April 15, 2012


31 and 35 seem like such young ages to be pondering legacy but lately the question has been raised several times. 

An innocent conversation with a friend about interview questions made me start to really consider what I want our legacy to be.  Her intention was to identify how we wanted our business to grow and transfer to our children.  So many of the owners who she had spoken to previously mentioned that the business was their parents' legacy and that they were carrying that legacy on.  Although we will always strive to be progressive and create businesses that are attractive for long-term continuation to our children, if they are interested, I do not want the business to be our legacy.  If we focus solely on the success of our business, we could find ourselves chasing profits and missing opportunities.

Our businesses are an opportunity for us to foster awareness and change.  It is our responsibility to manage the businesses in a way that is successful while maintaining integrity and providing for the needs of our employees, customers, business partners, and the organizations we support.  Making use of our gifts and giving our time at work provides the funds for our ultimate goal of spreading the love of Christ.

I hope that our children will most remember that we worked hard and used our opportunities--time and money--to help others.  I hope that they will continue our lifestyle of giving, going and doing when called to serve. It may not always be our time or opportunity so we must take the chance to help others.  When it is our calling, the time spent going and doing is both grounding and life-changing. 

In All Times--Ut Prosim--That I May Serve!

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