Monday, March 26, 2012


Over 100 years after slaves were freed in this country, there is still tension between races over issues of insensitivity and equality.  Even with the remaining discomfort that exists, we can all agree that slavery no longer has a place in our society. 

Imagine if slavery was still prevalent... What if the slaves were predominately children...  Girls and boys kidnapped or sold...  Used, abused, discarded...

RESTAVEK: child slave

I would never be approached to sell my children.  I don't have to make drastic choices just to feed my family.  Unfortunately, there are so many places in this world where poverty and at times, amorality, fuel the market for child slaves. 

Mirna's Story:

Imagine your mother is attempting to sell you and your sister.  Rest assured that in the end, you will be used as a sex slave.  You are barely 14 years old, already with knowledge well beyond your years.  There is no innocence of childhood anymore.  There is poverty and only a few means of meeting your basic needs.

Safety for Mirna was her mother being caught.  Free of her mother's attempts to sell her, Mirna was reunited with her siblings at a private orphanage.  She is a beautiful young woman but her life will forever be tainted by her past experiences and lack of education.  With the help of a tutor she is working to catch up from a childhood of lost schooling.  What will her future hold?  Who will she become? 

How many Mirnas are being sold today, at this very moment? 

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