Thursday, March 15, 2012

Freedom, with help from an unlikely source...

I try to follow the My Crazy Adoption blog on an almost daily basis.  I find myself engulfed with the stories about the love that is being given orphans and struggling families around the world.  Over 147 million orphans are struggling in this world to live without families.  Even more families live in poverty throughout this world. 

Meanwhile, in this country we see stories on the evening news about a teenager who was angry at her parents about her chores amongst other issues and rants on Facebook.  If only Americans fully understood how blessed we are, maybe we would all look beyond ourselves to those who suffer.

Recently, Kari Gibson (from My Crazy Adoption) blogged about the Beginning of Life program in Moldova.  Beginning of Life helps to rescue girls who are forced into prostitution and helps them to restore their lives and themselves. 

Here is Natasha's Story (from the My Crazy Adoption blog,


Natasha’s Story
Natasha was abandoned to an orphanage by her parents shortly after she was born. Having grown up in an orphanage, Natasha followed the footsteps of many other orphans into a technical school where she was to learn baking. One day, the director of the school invited a young man to come and meet with the girls. He developed a close relationship with Natasha, and after about two months offered her a job in Moscow. He promised to take her away from Moldova and provide her with a better job than she could dream of. She agreed. When she reached Moscow, Natasha was locked in an apartment, and began to realize that the teacher from the technical school and her boyfriend had worked together to kidnap her and bring her to Moscow. That night, she entered the sex trade. As a forced prostitute, she was raped and brutally beaten when she tried to resist. The brothel owners would torture Natasha by burning her with lit cigarettes and cutting her with knives. Natasha still has those scars today…

One night, Natasha boldly and secretly called one of her own clients for help. He was a builder from Tajikistan who took an interest in rescuing Natasha—even while using her as a prostitute. He had been afraid that Natasha’s owners would kill him if he helped her. But he acted anyway. He paid for Natasha for the entire night, and then put on her a train back to Moldova.

Natasha entered the Beginning of Life Safehouse and there she received help to overcome her fear, sense of guilt, nervousness and a emotional withdrawal. The team offered Natasha sincere love, kindness, and caring. She is now studying to become a baker, and is beginning the hard road to full healing and integration."

Please help this program do more by buying a tee-shirt.  For every shirt purchased, funds go to Haiti Home of Hope and Beginning of Life in Moldova.

Go to for more info!

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