Monday, August 1, 2011

What keeps us from Worship?

Beware!  I am currently towering on my soapbox.  If you are faint of heart, you may want to avoid this post. 

We were priviledged this morning to attend Iglesia El Shaddai.  The first half of the service this morning was live praise music.  I was able to follow some of the words during the songs but I spent much of the time just absorbing the spirit within the room.  The atmosphere was welcoming and open to praise.

I may not be the one who will be dancing at the front of the sanctuary, but I appreciate that he loves God and feels that love so strongly that he wants to dance.  How often have we danced for ourselves or with our friends?  Why is it appropriate to dance at a wedding but not at church?

Even those who were not singing, were genuinely enjoying the music and worship.  They were absorbing the spirit in the room. 

Why do we limit our worship expression?  If we are genuinely moved and want to sway, raise our arms, stand in the aisle, why not?!  Why do we feel like we can dictate how others should share their praise?  We need to be respectful of the talents God has gifted each of us with.  I may not prefer some genres of music but I hope that I can genuinely respect and appreciate the heart of the worshipper.

If I can feel free to express my love of Christ in a church where I don't speak the language, had to pass through a gate to get into the parking lot, that has security personnel, and closed circuit video, then why not in America?

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