Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Hard Goodbye

The people of Guatemala and the members of the team we met here have made an incredible impact on me.  I never imagined that in one short week, I would become so attached to this country.  Even in the midst of extreme poverty, the people are welcoming and open to our work.  I couldn't help but become attached to the children and workers.  Desi, Missions Coordinator, and Joel, Missions Team Leader, are the model of sacrifical living.  They have set aside normal personal lives to promote the mission of Dorie's Promise and make a positive impact on not only the children but also the communities where many of the children previously lived.  The Special Mothers balance their own families with providing for the emotional and physical needs of the children.

I was so moved when Becky came up and sad that Nayali, a preteen girl, and Carol, a twenty-three year old Special Mother, wanted me and Charity to come down to see them.  Carol has small children and Nayali is a young woman searching for herself.  I was able to speak to Nayali and she would translate to Carol.  Next time, I want to be able to speak to Carol myself.  It was so hard to say to goodbye to them last night.  I just pray that my short time here has somehow made a difference in their lives.

As I was saying goodbye to Abel last night, he told me that he would be ready when we came back.  I don't think it will be long before we're back.  There is more for us to do here...

Adios mis amigos!

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