Thursday, August 4, 2011

Can the Circle Be Broken?

As we see more parts of this country, I wonder if it is possible to break the circle?  Even in a country where Catholicism is so prevalant, the traditional family does not seem to be valued. 

While at the ghetto on Sunday, we visited five families.  Of those families, three were single mothers.  One mother fled an abusive husband, another woman's husband went to the US but never came back.  These women are carrying the full weight of a family by themselves.  They don't have husbands who can provide for them financially or emotionally.  At the second house that we visited, ten people lived in a one room building.  The mother lived in the home with her three daughters and grandchildren.  The daughters are also unmarried.  This family fled to the ghetto after a son was murdered by a gang.

On Monday, our final stop at the government orphanage was the teen mothers' home.  Those girls came to the orphanage after they became pregnant.  In most of the cases the girls were raped, many times by a family member, or collected from prostitution.  They are so young, some of whom would not have completed middle school before they became mothers.  Until they are eighteen, they are able to live at the orphanage, with their children in a crib besides their beds.  Not only are the teen moms confined but their children are born and raised in that environment. 

Even here at Dorie's Promise, the children are surrounded primarily by women. These women love them and are working to create the best environment possible for the children but they can't fulfill the role of both father and mother.  How will these girls know what a father and husband should look like if they have never had someone in their life to model love and respect?  Will the girls who live at Dorie's Promise be able to make the transition into adulthood and make responsible choices?

I pray that these girls will find the strength to break the circle and become strong women.

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