Sunday, July 31, 2011


Dorie's Promise is a home for children who would not otherwise have a safe, healthy place to live.  As you walk around the property, it is clear that this is no ordinary orphanage.  The children live in two homes.  Casa 5 is home to babies and toddlers.  The youngest baby is only three weeks old.  Casa 6 is home to the children ages 3 years and older.  Looking quickly, it's just like any other home.

Isn't she cute!!

a quiet place for feedings and sleeping,

family pictures fill the house,

a friend who reminds me of Isaiah, and

hours of fun in the backyard.

It looks like a quiet home on a quiet street until you look a little bit closer...

It's a quiet home full of beautiful children who are loved by the Special Mothers.  These women have the unique calling to care for the health, well being, and emotional needs of children who have suffered abuse and abandonment.

A loving home for beautiful children filled with caring "mothers."

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